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How to assign an owner and create a deal based on job type

How to assign an owner and create a deal based on job type

This is our process for automating assigning owners to contacts and creating deals based on job type.

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Save time by automatically assigning new contacts + deals to the most relevant person or team!

The automation shown in our demo ensures that you don't have to waste time checking new contacts and assigning them to your team. A HubSpot workflow can do that for you! You'll need HubSpot Pro or Enterprise for this one.

  • Create a Deal - Don't create a deal manually. A deal will be created for you based on the information provided by the contact in their form submission. You'll still need to create contacts/deals manually if they call up or visit in-store.
  • Contact Owner & Deal Owner - Automatically assign a contact owner based on what the contact is interested in i.e. Residential Solar contacts go to Steve and Battery Install contacts go to Bob.
  • Rotate Contacts and Deals between Teams - If you are a larger company, rotate new contacts and deals between individuals on a Team. HubSpot assigns the contact to whoever has the least amount to keep things even

See more information about this automation and other common process inefficiencies we can solve.

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Ready To Chat About The Best HubSpot Plan For Your Solar Business?All of this information might seem overwhelming at first, but you don’t need to try to remember how to do it all. Just remember what’s possible. If you would like to explore automation further please reach out! 

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