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Automatically assign a Contact Owner and create a Deal based on Job Type

Simple & efficient automation for your sales pipeline

Save time by automatically assigning new contacts + deals to the most relevant person or team!


Do you need these automations for your solar business?

The automation shown in our demo ensures that you don't have to waste time checking new contacts and assigning them to your team. A HubSpot workflow can do that for you! You'll need HubSpot Pro or Enterprise for this one.

Create a Deal - Don't create a deal manually. A deal will be created for you based on the information provided by the contact in their form submission. You'll still need to create contacts/deals manually if they call up or visit in-store.

Contact Owner & Deal Owner - Automatically assign a contact owner based on what the contact is interested in i.e. Residential Solar contacts go to Steve and Battery Install contacts go to Bob.

Rotate Contacts and Deals between Teams - If you are a larger company, rotate new contacts and deals between individuals on a Team. HubSpot assigns the contact to whoever has the least amount to keep things even.

These videos outline some other common process inefficiencies

See how we solve pipeline inefficiency problems for solar dealers

See how we can help you automate your most time-consuming tasks

We Solve Efficiency and Process Problems for Solar Companies


We've been working with solar companies since 2014.

We use HubSpot as the tool to scale solar companies who are ready to take action.

Our team is HubSpot certified and we are recognised as a HubSpot Platinum Partner.

We are 100% transparent and love watching solar companies scale to new heights.

HubSpot Platinum Partner

Automation and Efficiency

Frequently Asked Questions

Craig and Kylie have been very professional from initial consultation, setting up to implementation, they have delivered fast and well planned digital marketing activities that have improved our leads. We work with them on social media management and lead generation using Facebook paid ads and Google ads. They understand solar, are responsive and adapt to the needs of our brand.
Damien Slaven
Damien Slaven
Soltek Energy
Craig and the XEN Solar team have been brilliant to work with and have proven that their professional and strategic plans to increase our online presence and to drive further enquiries have been hugely successful. The XEN Solar team are forward-thinking experts who have continually explored new ideas and are always striving to deliver the very best solution for us. We would highly recommend XEN Solar to any business in the industry especially if you're looking to take the next step in growing your brand and business!
Matt Russell
Thank you to Kylie from XEN, she and her team did a great job of updating our website. As none of us have any website knowledge, we needed a trusted company to update our products. Kylie managed to visualise my expectations to the point, and the outcome was actually better than expected. Thank you!
Solar Powered Homes
Solar Powered Homes
We initially engaged XEN to assist LG Solar & Energy to improve our LG Energy website SEO, however the project quickly grew to include strategy across paid and social channels as well, with a focus on driving leads. With the site now gaining 1100 visits per day and providing more than 1200 new leads per month, the project has been a great success. It has been a vital part of our 35% sales growth , compared to last year. We've been impressed with XEN's combination of strategic, technical and implementation skills, and have now introduced them into other divisions across LG.
Markus Lambert
Markus Lambert
LG Energy
From our first dealings with Kylie and her Team at Xen Solar, we were relieved to have found a Team that were efficient and able to take the lead with the construction of our new website, after liaising with us to understand our aesthetics and content requirements. The Team were extremely patient and understanding and met our often difficult time schedules, to gain the input from both Directors.The end result is the brief has been met, with minimal remaining input required from us, and a great platform to move forward with further marketing with Xen planned to compliment. It is rare to find a Company who delivers exactly what they promise, on budget, it has been a pleasure to deal with Kylie and the Team.
Albany Solar
Albany Solar

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