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Using Automated Email Marketing To Grow Your Solar Business

Using Automated Email Marketing To Grow Your Solar Business

By using HubSpot automation tools, you can create regular email marketing blasts more efficiently and give your lead a better user experience as you nurture them to purchase.

Let's talk about Automation for email marketing.

Email marketing is an effective strategy to use when trying to:

  • retain the attention of a lead by providing them with useful solar information,
  • promoting your solar solutions and 
  • meet your business goals.

Challenges Faced By Solar Companies Trying To Nurture Leads

These are three core challenges solar dealers need to manage:

  • Leads are contacted and don't get lost or forgotten
  • The message to new leads is consistent, helpful and easy to understand
  • Triaging hot leads for immediate contact and nurturing warm leads.

Common Automation Recipes For Email Marketing That Get Results

Based on our experience, not every solar company is the same. We use a combination of different methods (recipes, if you like) to ensure that email marketing automation goals are met. Below are some of the recipes we have found success with.

  • Top of the funnel strategy - send leads helpful, useful information that helps to gain their trust and increases their solar knowledge. For example: send them a link to a helpful blog post, get them to download a solar guide, point them to an Insta post that shows sleek, beautiful installation photos.
    • What's the point? An email from you sending them to another asset you have (website, Facebook page, Instagram post) then allows them to learn more about you.
  • Middle of the funnel strategy - An email from you contains a case study of another install in their area, or a comparison of quality solar versus cheap solar products, or information outlining the longevity of your business.
    • What's the point? An email from you sending them to more detailed information develops trust, assurance of your quality of work and reassurance of your existence in the future should they need service or customer care.
  • Bottom of the funnel strategy - An email from you might contain an offer, information about solar rebates, data about housing values increasing once solar is installed, or a solar solution bundle (panels, batteries, ev charging).
    • What's the point? An email from you sending them solid, reliable solar information means you become the source of solar knowledge, you are the solar experts and they feel confident with your solar product offerings.

When Is A Good Time To Invest In Email Marketing Automation?

In our experience, if you are a solar company that is :

  • publishing good content on your website or social pages
  • generating a consistent flow of new leads
  • struggling to manage leads where they get lost or forgotten

then it's a good time to start focusing on marketing automation and scale your business.


How Marketing Automation Brings It All Together

Once you have set your content goals, automation tools create the magic to make it happen. Good marketing automation puts data to work by creating personalised workflows and streamlining processes.

The goal is to:

  • get your admin, sales and marketing teams working in sync
  • prioritise leads
  • make lead hand-off easier between teams by having the marketing team nurture the warm leads while the sales team focus on the hot leads
  • get visibility on where the lead stage is at across the whole team and see the entire touchpoint through the journey ( conversations, emails, phone calls)
  • have easy access reporting once the lead becomes a customer
  • keep this process seamless and efficient
  • builds a long-term relationship between the lead and your business.

Let's Chat About Email Marketing Automation For Your Solar Business

if you've made it this far no doubt you're thinking that email marketing automation is something your business could benefit from. 

Click to book time with me for a chat.

We can discuss current business processes to see what's working and what isn't, with the aim to get email marketing automation in place to help your business grow


Ready To Chat About The Best HubSpot Plan For Your Solar Business?Start a conversation with an agency that knows and understands solar. 

We've been helping solar companies grow their business for over 10 years.  Our expert team will guide you and provide insight into what other dealers have found successful when trying to grow their business.

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