Discovery Call
Discovery Call

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Need Help With Your Existing HubSpot Portal?

Need Help With Your Existing HubSpot Portal?

Need help with your existing HubSpot Portal?
We can help you get the most out of your HubSpot investment!

It's not uncommon to find a solar company who has been using HubSpot for 6 months+ only scratching the surface of HubSpot's capabilities. 

Of course you want to get the most out of your HubSpot investment, but there is so much to know! HubSpot is a monster CRM - it's amazing what functionalities are available. But if you're time-poor, or have other priorities then it's likely you're missing out on some valuable tools to help grow your business.


A 50-minute HubSpot QuickCheck session with the XEN team will uncover missed opportunities. During the sessions we will highlight best practices, areas for improvement and HubSpot tools you may not be used to their full potential.


You will leave the session with actionable insights to improve your HubSpot Portal.  Or, if you prefer us to improve the portal, you can use our services to implement changes.  Contact us here if you are keen to book a session.

What Do We Cover in a HubSpot QuickCheck Session?

Solar companies using HubSpot are typically looking for a quick review of their HubSpot portal to understand:

  • Are there parts of HubSpot I’m not using yet that I should be?
  • Am I using best practices in the key parts of HubSpot (eg Workflows, Forms, Emails, Landing Pages, Lists, Deals, Reports)?
  • Are there any ways I’m using HubSpot that are cause for concern that I need to address?
  • Are my processes efficient (eg qualifying new leads, creating tickets, managing Marketing Contacts, etc)?
  • My renewal is coming up - is my HubSpot subscription giving me good value?
  • Should I consider upgrading my Hub or adding new Hubs into my portal (eg I’m using Marketing Hub, should I consider Service Hub)?

If you’re asking yourself any of these questions, then we can:

  • Organise a 50 minute Zoom or Teams call with you
  • Review your business goals and how you currently use HubSpot
  • Guide you through our 50 point checklist to gain a high level understanding of how well you are using your portal
  • Provide recommendations for improvements, features to use, and processes for increasing efficiency.


Want To Chat About a HubSpot Portal Review?

Ready To Chat About The Best HubSpot Plan For Your Solar Business?Start a conversation with a HubSpot team that knows and understands solar.  We've been helping solar companies grow their business for over 10 years.  Our expert team will guide you and provide insight into what other dealers have found successful when trying to grow their business.

👉🏻 Book some time with us for a chat today.   


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