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5 Ways Solar Dealers Can Convert Leads Into Customers

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This is the number one questions we get asked all the time!

Leads are great, but how do I convert them into customers?

In our experience it comes down to these top 5 factors.

1. Have a Proactive Sales Team

A solar dealer with the proactive sales team are more likely to convert leads into customers. Why? Because they want the sale, therefore they will engage with the customer, get to know their pain points, and find a way to sell them the best solar option.

We work with a mix of solar dealers who don't like a hard sell. It all comes down to your business philosophy and how well you understand your customer base. The dealers who have an active sales team who follow up on each and every lead are not pressuring that lead. They engage, start conversation and see where that conversation goes. Some follow up calls might last less than 20 seconds. Others could be much longer. It's easier to gauge the leads interest if you can qualify the lead within the first few moments of the call.

Even if you don't convert there and then, leaving a good impression will mean a lot to them when they are ready to take the next step in their solar journey.

2. Qualify The Lead As Early As Possible

If you are running a campaign that involves a form being submitted, you probably have the standard name, email, phone number and email fields set up. Having another field on the form that simply asks if they would like a quote will highlight which leads your team should contact first.

What's the benefit of this? Well let's say you have 20-30 leads a day but you have limited admin staff. Your staff are able to prioritise those 30 leads in a single glance, simply by checking to see who ticked the 'request a quote' option.  Other leads that have the box unchecked are not urgent and can be followed up later.

3. Nurture All Leads

Form submits are perfect way to generate a lead nurture that allows you to keep that lead warm while they are considering their solar purchase.

MailChimp offers a simple and efficient way to collect leads and send them relevant and timely emails. This is perfect for solar dealers who shy away from a hard sell, and also perfect for those customers who are at the beginning of the solar decision. Nurturing them, giving good advice with minimal sales push, allows your business to be top of mind when they decide to move forward.

The types of emails that you send focus on:

  • providing value
  • giving free advice
  • having solutions to common objections.

You can read more about understanding the buyers journey here.

4. Remarket to Website Vistors

Remarketing ads to people who have visited your website is a great way to nurture a lead and keep you top of mind. Remarketing campaigns can be built on most social platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, Amazon, LinkedIn) so you can test a channel to see where your customers are hanging out in their free time.

5. Keep Reviews Up-To-Date

Ask for customer reviews so that you can add them to any platforms you have a presence on. These are some must-have review areas that you can keep current:

  • Google My Business - click here for a quick tip
  • Website
  • Facebook
  • Local Directories

Don't be afraid to ask satisfied customers for a review. You can learn more about how to ask your solar customers for reviews here.