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How To Ask Your Solar Customers For Reviews

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Encouraging your customer to write a review for you can be awkward and intimidating.

When I think about direct ways I have been asked to write a review for certain products or services over the years, I can see there are a few common elements:

  1. The person established a rapport with me
  2. The person already knew that I was happy with the service, so it was an easy-ask for them with a high probability that I would comply
  3. They made it easy for me to write the review.

Let's break these down to make it simple for you and your solar team.

Tips To Asking Your Customers For Reviews

1. Establish Rapport

Not all jobs are going to run smoothly and you may not always have direct contact with the customers. In the chance you do, you can start building rapport by:

  • Being friendly and use their name (people respond strongly when you use their name and are more likely to listen)
  • Finding common ground (I have a car like yours or I use these solar panels on my home too)
  • Matching your customers style (gauge if they are laid back and likely to engage in small talk versus whether they are keen for you to get down to business and get started).

2. Ask For Feedback

Ask the customer what they think of the job. Good feedback leads into an easy ask for a review. Be prepared for bad feedback (not defensive) so that you're ready to deal with any fallout (why you weren't on time, why the job ran longer than expected etc).

3. Make It Easy

Most people have access to the internet via their phone or desktop and it's highly likely that your customer found you via your website or Facebook. As you're leaving the job you can casually ask them to leave a review.

"We'd love you to review our service, would you mind leaving a review on our Facebook page or website?"

Whether they do or not, you have put the idea into their mind. THEN, a follow up email can be sent. Perhaps with an invoice or a quick email asking how the install went.

In that email, ask for a review again - and provide links.

You could try something like this: We would love for you to leave us a review. Please either use one of the following:

This direct approach works, because if they haven't already written a review based on your verbal request, you've just made it even easier for them to find your page by supplying the links.