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Building Personas In HubSpot To Segment Your Database

Building Personas In HubSpot To Segment Your Database

At a very basic level, personas are a great way to capture the attributes and behaviours of your contacts and assign them to groups. Traditionally they are based on two main criteria:

  • Demographics - age, education, occupation, and income
  • Psychographics -  habits, beliefs, behaviours, and preferences

These are often good starting points, but if you're using personas to help segment your database in HubSpot, then we recommend you start with the challenge or pain point of the customer.


Building Personas For Solar Dealers


The ways of defining your personas are endless, and there have been many books written on the topic (this one is a classic).

The best way to start building personas in your HubSpot account is to consider why the customer needs your business. What problem are they looking to solve?

As a solar dealer, a strong persona trait of your best customers might be their strong desire to save money.

You might have other personas around traits and attributes like:

  • Gender, age, location 
  • Homeowner lifecycle (first home buyer, brand new build, updating existing system on the house, first system on existing house)
  • Interests in renewable energy or protecting the environment
  • Households interested in saving money wherever they can
  • Wanting the best, most stylish solar solution to represent affluence and success
  • Wanting the most affordable, value for money system to help combat rising electricity prices.
  • They have a solar system installed and will need future after-sales care (repair, maintenance, cleaning)
  • They have a solar system installed and are eligible for other solar products (heat pumps, pool heating, EV chargers).

When setting up personas it's also wise to include a non-fit persona.  Non-fit personas are a way of grouping together contacts who aren’t a fit for your business, either because:

  • they are out of area
  • they are 'researching' and looking for the cheapest option.

Clearly defining your non-fit persona allows you to easily identify who you should be saying No to as early as possible. Better for you, better for them.


So I Have Set Up Personas, Now What?

In HubSpot, you can then use your personas to automate workflows for emails, internal notifications, advertising audiences and more. They can be used to promote new products or services, upsell or cross existing solar solutions.


Want To Chat About Using HubSpot In Your Business?

Ready To Chat About The Best HubSpot Plan For Your Solar Business? If you would like to explore segmentation further please reach out! 

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