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Why We Recommend HubSpot Sales Pro for Solar Companies Who Want To Grow

Why We Recommend HubSpot Sales Pro for Solar Companies Who Want To Grow

By using HubSpot Sales Pro, your solar business can automate manual tasks that enable the team to be more efficient and productive.

Let's talk about Automation using HubSpot Sales Pro.

Automation Outcomes To Strive For

These are four core outcomes most solar dealers focus on:

  • Customers are informed throughout the Sales process
  • Leads don’t get lost
  • Business processes become efficient
  • Your team is freed up to focus on Sales

Common Automation Recipes That Get Results

Based on our experience, not every solar company is the same. We use a combination of different methods (recipes, if you like) to ensure that automation goals are met. Below are some of the recipes we have found success with.

  • Send email nurture series to new contacts in the Sales Pipeline
  • All leads are assigned an Owner (no one gets missed)
  • Standardised internal notifications for any form submit
  • Assign new Deal to Sales Rep based on type or location
  • Create a task for the Deal Owner to follow up if the contact hasn’t responded after being sent a quote
  • Send reminders (email or SMS) to contacts 1 day before appointments or install days
  • Re-engage contacts who were not ready to purchase
  • Request reviews when installation is complete.


Watch Our Short Video To See Automation Magic In Action

Watch our short 6-minute video on how we use automation to help solar companies create efficiencies on their business.


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Let's Chat About Automating Your Solar Business

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