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Here's all the Solar Digital Marketing items we take care of for your solar business.


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Solar Digital Marketing Items

Our expert team take care of all the following digital marketing items for you - freeing you up to focus on what you do best: install more solar.

Account Management Calls

Each month or each week (for Elite Customers) we have a strategy and planning call with you.

We review campaigns and results, highlights the opportunities, explain our recommendations and cover what we have planned for the coming month.

Account Management meetings

Website Updates

We update your solar website to ensure the product and services details are up-to-date.

We also take care of things like plugin and theme updates (if you are using WordPress) as well as regular backups and performance optimization.

Learn more about how we manage your website updates.

Website maintenance


If you have a WordPress based site we manage WordPress core, plugins and theme updates for you.

Product Content

We keep solar product details updated to the latest models (panels, inverters, batteries).


We ensure your site is backed up and optimized for fast performance.

Blog Post Content

Each month (or week for Elite tier customers) we research and prepare a blog post for your site, complete with images and formatting.

The topic will have been discussed and agreed with you as part of the month's planning call. 

Blog posts are great for Google and give a good user experience to your site visitors as well.

Blog Posts

Social Channels

We keep your social channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn) updated with interesting news, customer case studies, ebook offers, special promotions, and trust building content.

Social media management

Paid Advertising

With years of experience managing advertising campaigns for solar companies, we're experts in optimizing your Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads and Bing Ads. Plus we can also extend campaigns to other platforms including Spotify, Quora and Industry sites.

Google Ads, Facebook and Instagram Advertising

Content Strategy

It's important that your website content is:

  • complete (not missing details)
  • comprehensive (not light on)
  • accurate (not out of date)
  • appropriate (answers questions your visitors are asking)

We'll review your site content to highlight gaps and enhance your overall offering. Plus it helps with SEO.

Content Strategy

Email Nurture Campaigns

Most leads start in research mode - they are educating themselves. By sending a series of emails to prospects, you educate them, build trust and give them the confidence to take the next step with you.

We build out your email nurture sequences and continually test and measure results, giving you increased conversion rates.

Email Nurtures

Email Newsletters

In addition to the email nurture sequences above, we also prepare monthly newsletter updates for your prospects and customers.

An excellent way to keep contacts informed on industry trends, new products and benefits of working with you.

Email Newsletters

Google Tools

We'll set up all your Google tools - including Google Search Console, Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.

Finally, peace of mind, knowing that all those different tools are now actually set up properly.

Setup Google tools


We ensure all the proper tracking is in place on your site. 

If you've ever been confused by Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Facebook pixels and any number of other tracking items, fear not.

We take care of getting these all in place so you're tracking the all the right things.

This is part of an overall digital marketing audit.


SEO Audits

Your website is ultimately your greatest asset. Which means optimizing it for Google is a high-value, long term benefit. Although it takes time for sites to rank well, it all starts with a comprehensive SEO audit highlighting the issues, opportunities and priorities.

Not only do we conduct an SEO audit for you, we also work to implement the improvements on your site.

Learn more about the SEO Review process.

SEO Audits and Optimization

Reporting Dashboards

What gets measured, gets actioned.

With real-time reporting and dashboards, focussed on the right items, you are in control of spend, activity and results.

We set up the reports for you, and each month highlight the key insights, the opportunities and results for you.

Reporting and Analysis

Google My Business Listing

Ensuring your Google My Business listing is up-to-date is one of the most powerful opportunities you have in Google Search results.

Not only do we ensure your details are correct, we also update your profile with regular posts, offers and imagery.

Google My Business listing management

Graphic Design

Our graphic design team look after all your site banners, social post images, blog post images and advertising banners.

In addition we take care of ebook designs and brochure updates. Plus all the little things like ensuring your email signature images are clean and compelling.

Graphic Design

Landing Pages

Beautiful, engaging landing pages are the secret to successful lead generation.

Our designers and developers review your existing pages (and update where appropriate) as well us build out completely new landing pages for your campaigns.

Landing Pages that convert

Ebook Branding

Ensure your ebooks and product assets look professional and well branded.

Our designers will update your PDF assets to include your branding and callouts.


Ebook Branding

Brochure Updates

Do you have compelling brochures for your business? If so, we'll keep them up-to-date. If not, we'll create them for you.

It's important to have a simple set of useful, company branded brochures to give to prospects as well as customers (we all the love the repeat customer right?).

Brochure Updates

Supplier Coop Campaigns

If you receive Coop funding from suppliers (Eg LG, Solar Edge, Tesla) simply loop us in with your account manager.

We'll manage the campaigns to meet Coop requirements, and prepare all the proof of spend documents for you to submit.


Supplier Coop Campaigns

Award Promotions

If you win an award (eg LG Dealer of the Year) or accreditation (eg CEC), simply let us know the details and we'll prepare promotional items (eg email signatures, social banner updates, web page updates) to feature in campaigns.

Award Winning

HubSpot Setup

A tailored HubSpot onboarding service to help companies accelerate their marketing strategy, HubSpot implementation and HubSpot activity.

We work with you and your sales & marketing teams to plan, prioritise and setup your HubSpot installation.

Learn more about the HubSpot Setup and Onboarding process.


HubSpot Setup and Onboarding

Video Walkthrough

Learn how the XEN Solar Done-For-You Digital Marketing Services Works.


Done-For-You Solar Marketing in 3 mins

Learn how we take care of all your solar digital marketing activities.



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