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Google Ads Audit

A complete review of your Google Ads account to highlight issues, recommend fixes and improve your campaigns.


The Google Ads Audit is a complete review of your Google Ads account to highlight issues, recommend fixes and improve your campaigns.

Googl Ads Audit

The Success of your Solar dealership relies on the right mix of online channels - whether it be organic rankings in Google, an advertising campaign or social presence, we'll get you noticed.

Who is the Google Ads Audit for?

We recommend the Google Ads Audit if you:

  • can’t keep up with all of the latest Google Ads updates
  • don’t have time to understand the platform and all the features it offers
  • have just taken over an account and need to review what’s working, what’s not and opportunities
  • want to stop wasting money and focus on efficiency
  • want to make sure your business is targeting the right keywords and audiences
  • want to check that you are are tracking conversions correctly
  • think Google Ads is a waste of money and want to uncover areas to eliminate from marketing spend
  • want to see what campaigns have worked well and what gaps you can target
  • want to understand if Display or Search campaigns perform better
  • want to make sure the account is structured and labelled clearly for reporting purposes
  • have never managed Google Ads before, and don’t know where to start
  • want to ensure all the benchmark basics are covered
  • want to see how much you are paying per click on your main keywords
  • want to check that you are targeting the right areas
  • want to make sure you have all ad types covered
  • need to be able to report back easily to your manager
  • want to see if the search terms report uncovers new keyword ideas
  • want to avoid “I wish I knew that earlier” moments

Benefits of the Google Ads Audit

The Google Ads Audit will highlight in a grading system (ABC) which areas of your solar dealership's Google Ads account require immediate attention.

An audit can be done quarterly, half-yearly or annually to identify any issues with your campaigns.

  • Highlight wasted spend
  • Identify opportunities
  • Plan for the coming year
  • Improve your Google Ads performance
  • Generate better profit and leads from campaigns
  • Stop wasting money

Google is constantly changing. Regularly reviewing your site and staying up-to-date on the terms people are searching for is important for your business growth.


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