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HubSpot Setup and Onboarding

Full setup and optimisation of your Solar dealership's HubSpot Sales, Marketing and Service Hubs.

Full Onboarding, Setup and Optimisation of Your New HubSpot Portal

A tailored HubSpot onboarding service to help companies accelerate their marketing strategy, HubSpot implementation and HubSpot activity.

We work with you and your sales & marketing teams to plan, prioritise and setup your HubSpot installation.

We are then on call to guide you with any training and ongoing implementation questions.

You've made a significant investment by choosing HubSpot, make sure you are putting it to optimal use.

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The Success of your HubSpot portal relies on it being setup correctly, and tailored to your solar dealer's sales and marketing processes.

Who is the HubSpot Ignition Service for?

The HubSpot Ignition Setup and onboarding service is ideal for solar companies who are new HubSpot customers.

You've likely just purchased HubSpot and are now looking for help from a Certified HubSpot Partner, experienced in solar marketing and sales.

Benefits of the HubSpot Ignition service

Simply: Peace of mind.

It's a relief to know your HubSpot portal has been setup correctly and tailored for your business.

Sleep better, knowing that's one less thing you need to think about.

Feel confident - knowing you can focus on installing solar.

XEN Solar HubSpot Ignition

HubSpot Ignition Overview

  • Typically a 3 month process in total
  • But prioritised for the first month to get early wins
  • Includes full setup and implementation of your portal (not just advice/guidance on what you should do)
  • Includes zoom calls throughout the months to define goals, plan your HubSpot strategy and set priorities
  • Includes zoom calls to train your teams
HubSpot Video

We help you setup all the key HubSpot items in your portal including:

  • Contact settings (views, lists, custom fields)
  • Content settings (eg domains, email sending settings, colours, types)
  • Report settings (including IP exclusions)
  • Setting up your default forms, smart lists and workflows
  • Preparing default emails and internal notifications
  • Organising landing page and email templates
  • Setting up blogs and news listings
  • Integrating HubSpot with your site (eg if using WordPress)
  • Adding Google Analytics and Facebook pixels
  • Connecting ad accounts and paid advertising tracking
  • Adding default forms to pages (eg Contact Us)
  • Setting up email nurture sequences
  • Connecting social accounts and setting up a social posting schedule
  • Integrating with external tools as required (eg Salesforce)
  • Setting up Reports and Dashboards

Suggested Schedule

A suggested approach - but tailored for your company's priorities.

Month 1: HubSpot Strategy and Quick Wins

  • HubSpot Strategy - sales, service and marketing priorities
  • HubSpot settings, tracking, contact migration
  • HubSpot integrations
  • Reports and Dashboards

Month 2: HubSpot Campaigns

  • Campaign tool and SEO
  • Landing pages and Popup forms
  • Email marketing
  • Workflows and email nurture sequences
  • Social channels
  • Ads integration

Month 3: HubSpot Sales

  • Sales pipelines
  • Deals
  • Snippets and Templates
  • Products and Quotes
  • Tasks

HubSpot Ignition Outcomes

  • Fully setup and optimised HubSpot portal
  • Emails, Pages, Forms, Workflows in place
  • Campaigns ready
  • Reporting and Dashboards active
  • Staff trained and informed

How Much Does It Cost?

There are two options for purchasing the HubSpot Ignition onboarding service:

  1. One-off purchase (starting at $9,500 AUD + GST)
  2. As part of our monthly subscription service including our full suite of digital marketing activities (starting at $3795 AUD + GST per month)

Option 1: One-off Purchase

This is for solar companies who just want to focus on this HubSpot setup (ie don't need help with any of our additional digital marketing services).

You can select from a Basic setup, or an Advanced setup (details below).

Option 2: As part of a Monthly Digital Marketing Subscription

This is ideal for solar companies who want to take advantage of our full suite of digital marketing services, including this full HubSpot Ignition setup.

Full details of our Solar Pro and Elite Monthly Subscriptions are here.

The Pro subscription includes the Basic Setup, whilst our Elite subscription includes the Advanced setup.

You should plan for at least 3 months for the HubSpot setup to be fully implemented.


The essentials



Setup your HubSpot portal hubs:

Marketing Hub

Sales Hub

Service Hub



Integrations and Automation



Advanced setup including integrations with other tools.

Everything in Basic plus:

Operations Hub

Integrations with any of the following as required:


OpenSolar (coming soon)




Advanced workflows to integrate these into your HubSpot processes


Frequently Asked Questions


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