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Why Lead Response Times Matter for Solar Companies

Why Lead Response Times Matter for Solar Companies

In highly competitive industries such as the solar industry, it's absolutely vital that leads be contacted as soon as possible. A lead that hasn't been contacted is essentially a lost lead. Why... because if they're on your contact list, they are also likely on your competitors.

Why Do Response Times Matter?

Imagine you have a pile of well-qualified leads on your list, and you're ready to connect with them. Who's responsibility is it to contact them? What is the timeline for contact?

Response times matter because often the faster you can respond to a lead, the more likely you are to qualify and win it.   

Responsive tactics include:

  • a phone call from the admin team to qualify the lead
  • a phone call from the sales team
  • an email acknowledging the contact
  • an email workflow that is triggered by a form submit that automates the lead qualifying process for you.

What Happens When You Don't Respond Quickly?

Simply, if you don't respond quickly you run the risk of losing the sale.

Depending on the type of lead that comes through and resources available, you could take one of these approaches:

  • Friendly approach, 1-2 minute call:  check-in, offer advice and support, leave with an offer to help further  
  • Sales approach: 3+ minute call: offer advice, talk products, book an appointment for an on-site assessment.
  • Automation approach - will streamline and qualify them further, while educating them about solar solutions.

Just starting that conversation will build trust and assurance that you are the company they should be dealing with.

How Can You Be More Proactive About Leads?

Many dealers find themselves not following up on leads because they've just run out of time and have limited resources. Having a good lead management system and superior lead generation processes can help your sales team follow up on leads quickly. Tools like HubSpot can make lead gen processing much smoother.

Do You Need Help With Leads?

If you're ready to ramp up your digital marketing activities and streamline leads then book a call with us and have a chat.

We can help you grow your solar business.

Contact us today to chat about your existing marketing strategy and what your needs are for continued growth.


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