Discovery Call
Discovery Call

Craig Bailey

Craig is the founder and CEO of XEN.

1 min read

3 Google Default Settings To Review In Your Google Ads Campaigns

The new Google Ads platform that was rolled out last year provided easier navigation and new tools to help you grow your business. Google released a number of features over the course of the year, here are a few Google Ads features for solar dealers...

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3 min read

9 Solar Marketing Ideas That Generate Leads

Are you looking to ramp up solar digital marketing activities for your dealership? Let's take a look at some ways successful solar dealers are...

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2 min read

Is Duplicate Content an issue for Solar dealers?

Solar dealers commonly ask "Is duplicate content an issue for my solar dealer website?" In particular, dealers worry that Google will penalise their...

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4 min read

Understanding the Buyer's Journey in Solar Digital Marketing

Understanding the customer journey (or buyer's journey) is very important for implementing your digital marketing. In this video I explain what the...

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