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Solar Dealers; Let’s Talk About Leads

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A few solar dealers have shared their disappointment with buying solar leads from lead quotation sites. With high costs per leads, they are tired of being overlooked by zealous solar customers who are looking for the “best” solar system for the “cheapest” price.

Like anything in life, you get what you pay for, and trying to convince these kinds of customers that cheap solar is a bad idea is a waste of your time.

Focusing your energy into customers who appreciate quality and are happy to invest in it is where your focus needs to be.

So what other options can be put into play to reduce the reliance on a generic solar quotes system where you’re one of three leads given to the customer?

Here are a few marketing activities to consider.

4 Ways To Generate Leads Likely to Convert

1. Marketing Automation

It’s time to connect with your customers in a more personalised way.

Generating your own leads will likely have a better conversion rate that buying sales leads.

The approach to buying has changed to be more buyer-centric. The customer wants a personalised approach when it comes to:

  • Solar needs that suit their specific needs
  • Finance options that alleviate upfront financial burdens
  • Accessories like storage and batteries that complete the solar experience.

People are using website searches more and more every day to find out about solar. You can capture these search queries in your specific area. Give customers a reason to share their email address and phone number (like give away a free eBook) and then you have a hot lead to follow up.

Once you have their details, you can do one of two things:

  1. Follow up with a phone call to qualify the lead
  2. Drop their email into an automated email sequence which nurtures them along a solar purchase journey so that they reach out to you when they are ready.

The benefit here is that you are in control.

2. Facebook Advertising

We have had great success with solar customer leads on Facebook.

Facebook is where people like to hang out in their down time. They scroll through their timeline, they engage with friends, they interact with brands. If they have been looking at solar on your website, you can set up a remarketing campaign so that your ads are shown to them on their newsfeed. It’s no accident that someone visits a website and then “all of a sudden” sees ads for that very company on their Facebook feed. It all comes down to behind the scenes marketing, which will reinforce the customer's decision to reach out to you.

3. Google Ads

Typically we find that the return on investment is better when you invest in Facebook ads over Google ads, for solar. However, here are a few reasons why it’s still important to be investing in Google Ads.

  1. Organic search may not be enough to convert the lead to a customer.
  2. Your main competitor is likely to be on Google ads, directing potential traffic and leads away from your site.
  3. You can pay low cost per clicks on brand terms, which means it’s worth your while to be dominant on the first page in a search, rather than letting your competitor take the spot (and customer away from you).
  4. Having a paid ad at the top of your organic search results has been proven to show that it will drive 89% of incremental traffic and improve lead conversion. You can find more on that study here.

4. Targeted Emails

If you don’t have the expertise to set up our own marketing automation email series, then consider just sending one email. In our experience with solar dealerships, email is not dead! If you can personalise the email and find solutions to that customer's needs, then you’re more likely to convert them to buy. It’s not about the amount of emails you send, it’s about the people you are sending to.

For example, Hi Bob, I see that you’re looking to invest in home solar for your home in < enter suburb>. I install solar in this area and can help advise you on the best system for your home. Feel free to call me with any questions.

This might even be a simple way to follow up on a call you took and offer further advise.

For example, Hi Bob, Thanks for your call earlier. If you have any further questions about installing solar for your home please feel free to call me with any questions. In the meantime, here's a blog we wrote about "Investing In Quality Solar".

Lead Barriers and Obstacles

What’s the reputation of solar like in your area?

If you’re facing some challenges against solar installs, then have a little arsenal ready to answer any obstacles or barriers the customer is likely to have.

For example:

  • Be transparent about you, your team and their capabilities. Under promise, over deliver.
  • Keep your social channels live with recent posts. If anyone goes searching for you it’s good to be seen that your current and offering value.
  • Network offline - sponsor local sporting clubs or invest in local radio or tv campaigns. Be seen.
  • Be the go-to solar expert. Offer advice and support to anyone interested in solar.
  • Ask satisfied customers to review you on your website or social channels for social proof that you and your team do a good job.

Solar is a competitive market, so sharing tips on what else you can do to attract leads is important for your dealership to grow.