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How To Manage Your Sales Pipeline More Efficiently

How To Manage Your Sales Pipeline More Efficiently



“Most people spend more time and energy going around problems than trying to solve them.”
— Henry Ford


Discover these 12 HubSpot features that will enable you to get all of that customer data out of your head and into a streamlined,  user-friendly CRM that keeps you organised. 

These tips were first published in the HubShots podcast #271 and are republished here with permission.  You can review in the full HubShot podcast here.


Save time chasing people and let them choose a time using the calendar tool!


Setting the right type so you efficiently work through your tasks.

Seems like an odd thing on the surface but will save you a bunch of time!

Inbox connection to track and log emails - Office 365 / Google Mail


Lead/customer revisit notifications

Know when the contacts you own come back to your website


Task queues

Efficiently manage your workflow and never forget to follow up contacts

In this example I have 3 queues and 2 of them are shared with other members of our team.  This is good especially for teams that work at different times to make sure everything is actioned.



Manage documents you use in one place and not have to keep attaching it in emails, plus you can see which pages are being viewed


Do less typing and use it everywhere from email to notes and meetings.


Also you can use “# and 2 characters to find your snippet”



Speed up the response to people in a personal way using data that is in HubSpot.



This is where you set and let the system send the follow-up!



Mobile app for calling or using HubSpot calling from your browser so calls get logged automatically and you can add notes while you speak.



So you don’t waste 2+ hours putting this together weekly to send to management.  


Bonus: you can automate the delivery of the email weekly/monthly etc.


Meetings - Insert proposed times


What it looks like in an email

Key Takeaway:

You can reduce your admin tasks and get more organised with your sales pipeline using HubSpot.  Talk to us!

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