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Business Growth via HubSpot for Solar Companies

Whether you're just getting started with HubSpot or you're already using it, our technical expertise and solar industry knowledge will help scale your business.


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Join these high-quality solar dealers improving their businesses with HubSpot
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Which HubSpot Service Does Your Business Need?


XEN Solar HubSpot Services

HubSpot Ignition

HubSpot Ignition is perfect for any solar company who wants to grow their business. We provide full onboarding, setup and optimisation of your portal.


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XEN Solar HubSpot Review Services

HubSpot HealthCheck

HubSpot Healthcheck is perfect for any solar company who has been using HubSpot for 6 months or more and wants to review and optimise the account.


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HubSpot Campaign

HubSpot Campaign is perfect for any solar company looking to drive targeted traffic to their website and improve conversions.


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XEN Solar HubSpot On-Demand Services

HubSpot On-Demand

HubSpot On-Demand is perfect for any solar company who needs quick, responsive HubSpot support - without the need for retainers or contracts.


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Trust our tried and tested solutions

Solar companies want to work with us because they:

  • Don’t have a single source of truth
  • Have misaligned sales and marketing teams
  • Need to automate and reduce manual tasks
  • Have a lack of visibility on marketing ROI
  • Use excel spreadsheets to manage leads
  • Suspect that certain sales reps can’t close a
  • Know that pipelines are mismanaged
  • Want sales reps to respond faster when a lead comes in
  • Want to segment the database to not only
    prioritise sales but communicate better with
  • Want to be able to import and export data
  • Need customised reporting dashboards
  • Want to be able to integrate with other tools
    used in the business
  • Want automatic tracking features
  • Want conversations all tracked within one
    place (email and phone)
  • Want to convert more leads to customers
  • Need a customer ticketing system to manage
  • Want to improve marketing activities
    (landing pages, forms, email marketing, SMS marketing).

XEN Solar is a HubSpot Platinum Partner

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