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HubSpot Automation: The Difference Between Workflows and Sequences

HubSpot Automation: The Difference Between Workflows and Sequences

.Automation, workflows and sequences. These are three words that can cause a lot of confusion when we're talking to dealers. So let's break it down by starting with a common pain point we hear from dealers.

Dealer: I want to automate a series of emails to reduce the amount of manual handling required to communicate with an initial lead.

XEN: We can set this up using HubSpot's two automation tools; workflows and sequences.


HubSpot's Email Automation Tools Explained

HubSpot uses two email automation tools; workflows and sequences.


Think of workflows as one-to-many communication.

A workflow can contain a series of automated emails that get triggered based on a set of rules.

The rule is simply: if THIS happens THEN do this.

For example, IF a battery lead comes in THEN send them a sequence of emails to help move them along to purchase.

Workflows can include delays between emails so you can send an email every day, every week, and so on.

You can set up a range of workflows to trigger and nurture leads as they journey through to becoming a customer. 


Think of sequences as one-to-one communication.

You can send a series of targeted, timed email templates to nurture a lead over time.

When the lead takes action then they will be automatically unenrolled from the sequence.

An 'Action' in a sequence can be defined as:

  • replying to an email


  • booking a meeting using your HubSpot meeting link

For example, a lead has been assigned to a sequence that has a range of email templates programmed to encourage the lead to take action.

Each email has a call to action (reply to this email, book a call).

The lead might take action (book a call using your meeting link) after receiving email 4 of 10.

At that point, the lead is unenrolled from that sequence. 


Note: The sequences tool is available for Sales Hub Professional or Enterprise users. Sending automated emails through workflows requires a Marketing Hub Professional or Enterprise subscription.


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